How To Use JavaScript Wait Function In Selenium WebDriver

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There are many options when it comes to putting your program to sleep (or insert delays in the program). When performing Selenium automation testing, the Sleep function will cause the execution of your code to halt for a specified number of seconds. However, using Sleep is not considered a good Selenium testing best practice, due to which QA engineers use other forms of wait in the source code.

Selenium has bindings for a wide range of programming languages which includes JavaScript. Selenium supported languages like Java support different waits in Selenium, but JavaScript does not have that native function for inserting waits in the code. Hence, we need to use alternatives for realizing JavaScript wait. For example, you can use the combination of Async/Await, setTimeout(), and Promises to implement the JavaScript wait function that will work as you would expect it should.



This Selenium JavaScript tutorial will dive deep into the Async and Await in JavaScript, followed by…


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