How to use Selenium Grid with Jenkins

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Selenium Grid is a powerful tool for testing web applications across browsers and operating systems, but incorporating it into a Continuous Integration pipeline can be frustrating. Integrating the Grid with a CI/CD server is complex, and a misstep during setup can lead to unreliable test errors, and down that path lies madness.Selenium Grid plugin for Jenkins quickly execute UI tests on every build against multiple operating systems and browsers.

The Selenium Grid plugin turns the Jenkins server into a Selenium Grid Hub, making it easy to turn Jenkins Slaves into Selenium Grid Nodes. This enables easy test execution on any machines connected to your Jenkins server.


1.if jenkins is not installed on your machine the to install jenkins refer my blog here.

2.Install the selenium grid plugins in jenkins by navigating to Manage Jenkins->Manage Plugins->Available search “Selenium” install and restart your jenkins. The plugin adds a “Selenium Grid”…


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