Interesting facts about software development: statistics

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This year Apiumhub partnered up with codignsans and other software related companies like: clutchgitkraken, Cooperpress, Level-up, Storyblok, Dashbird, Serverlessguru, Coder, Webiny, Meetupfeed and took part in a global software development research to find out how companies attract software developers, what are the most popular languages, what are the most frequent challenges, etc. We got more than 600 answers from different countries around the world and we really hope that you will find this report interesting. To get the full report with Interesting facts about software development, click here.

Sneak peek: interesting facts about software development

And now, let’s look at some of the data from the report to get an idea of what to expect from this report. Let me highlight that in this article you won’t find a detailed explanation of each graph and question. It is just a sneak peek.

As we all know, software development is a fast-changing field. Almost every year we see…


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