Introducing The All-New LambdaTest Chrome Extension!

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Hey Testers! Hope you are staying safe and healthy. In these turbulent times, it is evident that organizations need robust and scalable functional capabilities to keep their businesses thriving even when confronted with imminent workplace challenges. We at LambdaTest believe that repetitive aspects of testing should be eliminated using smart solutions.

With an entire year of remote work and countless testing under our belts, it might feel like we’re stuck in a repetitive loop. But don’t fear, the all-new LambdaTest Chrome Extension is here! With our new Chrome extension, you can make the cross-browser testing process even more seamless than ever. You’ll also find some bonus additions to jazz up your testing workflow.

Let’s dig right in and discover more!

The All-New LambdaTest Chrome Extension!

With an enhanced LambdaTest Chrome Extension, you can now perform live-interactive and automated cross-browser testing of websites and web apps across 2000+ real…


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