Introducing the Esper API Support Tool (EAST)

1 Year Subscription

TLDR: The Esper API Support Tool (EAST) provides easy access to advanced functionality built on Esper Cloud APIs. Read on to find out how you can use EAST to do things like obtain device information from specific groups or devices, modify device aliases and tags efficiently, toggle a group of devices between kiosk and multi-app modes, clear app data and run commands across a group of devices, and clone provisioning templates across different endpoints.

Esper is all about delivering what customer’s need to manage big Android dedicated device fleets (AKA corporate owned single use (COSU) fleets) using advanced tooling. The Esper platform was created to support the many different roles involved in Android dedicated device management and operations, which we call Dedicated Device Management+. Our web-based Console is a powerful tool for all user roles, our Cloud APIs are available to build automation via Cloud services integration, the Esper Python SDK is great for IT…


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