JMeter 5.3 Released !!

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Below are major improvements for JMeter 5.3 release:


Added Darklaf look and feel that improves several components.

  • Light:
    • IntellJ
    • Solarized Light
    • HighContrast Light
  • Dark:
    • OneDark
    • Solarized Dark
    • HighContrast Dark

Tree indentation level is easier to follow:

JMeter tree with Darklaf Darcula theme
JMeter tree with Darklaf Darcula theme
JMeter tree with Darklaf IntelliJ theme

New look and feel themes. Light: IntellJ, Solarized Light, HighContrast Light. Dark: OneDark, Solarized Dark, HighContrast Dark.

When an element in tree is disabled, all its descendants are shown in gray. For instance, While Contoller is disabled in the following tree, so its children are gray. It is purely a UI change, and the behavior is not altered.

Note: Look and feel can now be updated without a restart


Use CTRL + ALT + wheel for zooming fonts. Previous shortcut was CTRL + SHIFT + wheel, however, it conflicted with horizontal scrolling.In-app zoom is more consistent (e.g. sometimes not all the labels or…


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