JMeter Test Data Control Using Redis

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JMeter is most popular and open source tool for performance testing ,but there still some scenarios where we need to look for solution for the features which is not supported by JMeter, One of such scenario, imagine that you’ve got an application that you want to performance test, and that application requires test data to be consumed while testing,moreover you need to test that application with bulk users for which you have to also use multiple load generators machine.

For data parametrization you’ve used the CSV Data Set config. The CSV Data Set Config has some great features, letting you control most aspects of how data will be consumed for your test.One major shortcoming of the CSV Data Set Config, however, is that once the test has started, you need to have access to the file that JMeter is using if you want to update the data being used. Otherwise you’re locked in to the data that can be used for the test. For tests that you’re running on your local computer, this…


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