Kubernetes Ingress Explained

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June 22, 2021

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In any Kubernetes cluster, applications must be able to connect with the outside world to provide end-users with access to the application. Kubernetes Ingress is one option available—let’s take a look.

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What is Kubernetes Ingress?

Kubernetes Ingress is an API object that provides routing rules to manage access to the services within a Kubernetes cluster. This typically uses HTTPS and HTTP protocols to facilitate the routing.

Ingress is the ideal choice for a production environment. Users can expose services within the Kubernetes cluster without having to create multiple load balancers or manually exposing services.

Moreover, K8s Ingress offers a single entry point for the cluster, allowing administrators to manage the applications easily and diagnose any routing issues. This decreases the attack surface of the cluster, automatically increasing the overall security.

Some use cases of…


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