Kubernetes Security for DevOps Pipelines

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Security is among the primary considerations in any application development. Security standards and practices should be integrated into all aspects of software development, from infrastructure and databases to maintenance and management.

Kubernetes supports plenty of security configurations that can be used to secure clusters and underlying pods. In this article, we will see what the Kubernetes security best practices are and how to integrate them into DevOps.

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Cloud-native security

Let’s begin with a look at the cloud-native security architecture when identifying the base of Kubernetes security. The 4Cs in Cloud-native security refers to the four security layers:

  • Cloud
  • Clusters
  • Containers
  • Code

Each layer is built on top of the previous layer providing maximum security to a Kubernetes cluster:

Kubernetes Cluster

  • Cloud. This layer represents the underlying physical infrastructure. You may deploy your Kubernetes…


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