Load Testing with JMeter Docker and AWS EC2

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If you have an application or e-commerce site (or any site for that matter), it’s not uncommon that you would expect a higher level of traffic on certain days, like Black Friday.
At moments like these, we need to take our load tests to the next level and simulate larger numbers of concurrent users. If we are running our load tests locally with Apache JMeter™,
there are certain limitations to the number of users you can run, even if your computer has enough CPU and memory.To generate the heavy load by jmeter we run it in distributed mode.

Apache JMeter, an open source testing tool, is used for load testing, performance testing, and functional testing.

Challenges with Distributed Testing

When we talk about distributing JMeter, we refer to a Master-Slave architecture where JMeter uses Java RMI [Remote Method Invocation] to interact with objects in a distributed network. You can see this in the image below.

For a detailed description of a JMeter distributed testing…


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