Low Code vs No Code Explained

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The biggest change since cloud-based software.

Low-code and no-code platforms are bringing about the biggest change in the IT world since Google Docs. Cloud-based software forced the rest of the IT world to sit up and listen. Traditional providers were forced to change overnight.

And now the world of DevOps is being forced to listen to the new kids on the block—low-code and no-code platforms, which have the potential to make software development so easy that almost anyone can do it.

Do you need to build applications for immediate use? Maybe it’s time to move away from professional developers and pick up a new low-/no-code platform.

What is “low code”?

Low-code programming removes up to 90% of the coding process. These low-code development platforms cut down on development by using innovative drag-and-drop tools that:

  • Streamline the process
  • Save on turnaround time

Specialized language knowledge becomes less of a problem because all the groundwork is already written….


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