Making the case for the intelligent edge

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It’s a beautiful Sunday, and you’re out for a ride on your motorcycle. About 10 minutes into your ride, you hear a chatbot in your Bluetooth-enabled helmet telling you that your blood pressure is 40% above normal and your front brakes are significantly above normal temperature. Both conditions increase the risk of an accident by 45%, says the disembodied voice in your ear.

You’re also told that via permissions you set, your doctor will be notified of the issues with your blood pressure, including being sent a history of readings. An appointment has been made with your motorcycle dealer to check the overheating front brakes. Perhaps the artificial intelligence (AI) doesn’t save your life directly, but it significantly does reduce the risk of being injured or killed during your ride.

This motorcycle scenario features an AI-enabled edge device. Although some of the AI processing and data processing takes place on the bike, some occurs within…


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