Monitoring Microservices with Spring Boot Actuator and AspectJ

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What makes modern applications so different? Modern applications adhere to several essential architectural tenets: They are cloud-native, containerized, auto-scalable, microservice-based, and multi-tenant and supported by DevOps-driven deployment automation. At BMC, our application development environment solution comprises 100-plus microservices running on a containerized cloud platform (AWS), scaled using the Kubernetes platform.

Each microservice can be deployed as Kubernetes Pods (from three to 16 depending on horizontal scaling and replication requirements) spanning multiple availability zones (AZ). The services expose representational state transfer (REST) interfaces for external consumption and remote procedure calls (gRPC) for internal microservice-level communication. As more services are introduced, monitoring and managing modern applications becomes increasingly challenging.

Site reliability engineering (SRE) for 24×7 uptime

Adopting appropriate agile and DevOps…


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