Ordermark Achieves Shorter Downtime and Improved Customer Service with Esper’s Device Management Solution

1 Year Subscription

In 2020, the restaurant industry finished $240 billion below their pre-pandemic estimated sales, according to Forbes. With no indoor dining, even restaurants that had previously resisted going digital were forced to pivot and begin relying on online ordering to keep their doors open.

Driving revenue for restaurants by consolidating online food orders

One of the few bright lights in the restaurant industry’s darkest year was Ordermark. The Ordermark platform allows restaurants to manage all online ordering systems (UberEats, GrubHub, etc.) from just one tablet. They’ve helped thousands of restaurant brands nationwide streamline online ordering, drive millions of new orders, and add tens of millions of dollars of new revenue at a time when it’s needed most. 

To help restaurants expand their services further, Ordermark’s subsidiary, NextBite, offers several ‘Ghost Kitchen’ concepts — menus, branding, and recipes restaurants use to take and fill orders beyond…


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