Rugged Android Devices vs. Consumer Android: What’s the Difference?

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Many people assume rugged Android devices are built for ultra-tough conditions, like energy, public safety, or manufacturing. The term “ruggedized” may even carry mental associations of ultra-rugged handheld computers with limited functionality beyond warehouse scanning or data capture. While handheld mobile scanners and ultra-tough tablets for outdoor workers are definitely examples of rugged Android, they’re not the only durable options to consider.

The rugged Android device category includes a surprising range of device types and potential use cases, including hardware that’s incredibly sleek and lightweight for hospitality, retail, education, and healthcare. In this blog, you’ll learn how rugged Android stacks up to alternative devices and how to know which type of hardware is best for your use case.

What are Rugged Android Devices?

Rugged Android devices include tablets, smartphones, and other hardware that is built for resistance to moisture, dust,…


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