Running JMeter Scripts By Taurus – Jenkins Pipeline

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Jenkins Pipeline is an important Jenkins feature for creating and managing a project in Jenkins. This is opposed to the traditional way of creating a Jenkins project by using the Jenkins GUI. When running your open-source load test, Jenkins Pipeline enables resilience, execution control, advanced logic and Version Control management. This blog post will explain how to run any open-source load test with Jenkins Pipeline, through Taurus.

Note : To understand the pipeline more into details ,refer this blog. For Scripted pipeline refer this blog and Declarative pipeline refer this blog.

Taurus is an open source test automation framework that enables running and analyzing tests from 9 open source load and functional testing tools: JMeter, Selenium, Gatling, The Grinder, Locust, Tsung, Siege, Apache Bench, and PBench.


1.Install Taurus from here if it is not installed.

2.Install Jenkins from here.

3.For Jenkins Pipeline we need to install the…


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