Sacrificial architecture

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One of the toughest decisions your software development team may face as you scale is deciding between keeping your current codebase and rebuilding on a new software architecture. In this article we will see what is so called sacrificial architecture and why sometimes it is better to build something from scratch instead of trying to continue and improve what already exists. 

Rethink, restructure, and rebuild

Sometimes it takes less effort in terms of time and money to build a solution from scratch. Key kere is to rethink, restructure and rebuild. Of course it may bring a bit of frustration that the previous work “goes to the rubbish bin”, but in reality this know-know that you got, these lessons that you learned lead you to develop a much more powerful and scalable product, using the latest and fastest technologies. 

Wait, but what is sacrificial architecture? 

Many companies work on sacrificial architecture strategically. Often, companies build sacrificial architecture…


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