Scaling DevOps in a 100 year old Enterprise Organisation

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Adopting DevOps in an organization is about welcoming cultural change. Especially when it comes to a very old and large organization, DevOps transformation is quite difficult. Join Jamal Walsh, senior solution architect and DevOps Institute ambassador from The Very Group, as he walks us through the challenges of adopting a cultural change in an enterprise organization. He discusses how The Very Group adopted the DevOps culture. He also explains the importance of adopting DevOps, as well as the ups and downs of cultural changes.

About The Very Group

Jamal walks us through the history of The Very Group, the UK’s largest digital retailer. It was in 1990 when they first started an e-commerce platform. In 2015 they stopped printing physical catalogs and went digital. Then, in 2020, they developed a fulfillment center. Brought online during the global pandemic, the fulfillment center was full of automation and state-of-the-art technologies.


Right now, they have 4 million active…


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