Splunk bundles ‘smart’ telemetry dashboards for cloud-native development

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“Observability” might prove to be the buzzword of the year, and logging and monitoring specialist Splunk is joining other software tools developers to address the market with its latest product, Observability Cloud. The managed cloud service aims to bring together infrastructure, application performance, digital experience, and synthetic monitoring capabilities with log investigation and “smart” incident response for a holistic observability platform.

Observability” is a broad term that has its roots in traditional engineering principles of control theory, where the measure of the internal state of a system can be observed using only its external outputs. For software specifically, it has been coopted to represent the bringing together of various raw outputs like metrics, events, logs, and traces, to allow software developers to gain a real-time picture of how their systems are performing and where issues might be occurring, at scale and…


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