TestNG vs JUnit : Which testing framework should you choose?

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A test automation framework is a set of components that facilitates the execution of tests along with reporting the results of the test execution. However, the discovery of the right test automation framework can be super-challenging since there are so many options at your perusal. Picture this – When performing Selenium automation testing using Java, you have to choose from a gruelling list of 10 Java testing frameworks.


As far as test automation frameworks in Selenium Java are concerned, JUnit and TestNG are preferred in comparison to the other frameworks in the list. Some of the pertinent questions are:

  • How does JUnit stack up against TestNG in the TestNG vs JUnit comparison?
  • Is it possible to run JUnit tests with TestNG (and vice-versa)?
  • What annotations are present in JUnit and TestNG?

A side-by-side comparison of TestNG vs JUnit will give a clear indication of how the two prominent test automation frameworks stack up against each other….


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