The evolution of public clouds will benefit enterprises

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I don’t normally go to the Wall Street Journal for the cloud news, but this headline caught my eye: “Battle for the Cloud, Once Amazon vs. Microsoft, Now Has Many Fronts. Customers increasingly sign with multiple vendors to lower costs and cobble together the best services.”

I was more interested in the headline and subhead than the article itself. This is more validation of trends we’ve been seeing the past several years now appearing in the nation’s biggest business publication. In other words, the trends of multicloud, heterogeneity, and complexity have gone mainstream.

This brings up a larger question of how public cloud providers large and small will likely morph over the next several years. Here is the more obvious trend you’ll likely see and are beginning to see now: commoditization of public clouds leading to even more growth.

When you hear the word “commoditization” in the world of technology it’s almost never good. A commodity is…


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