Top 5 Best Practices for Software Development

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Breaking down all of software development to simple best practices isn’t easy—or even all that possible. The way one engineer approaches work is completely different from the next.

But certain practices and guidelines unite developers and product managers. With these guidelines put in place, software development becomes a smoother process for all!

Here are five best practices in the world of software development. If you keep it simple, commit regularly, and thoroughly test your work, you will have a better time building your code and delivering quality software efficiently and on schedule.

Let’s take a look.

Keep it simple

There’s a temptation to make code that is overly complicated to read, full of strings which you might need in the future, or just a general mess. Writing complex and esoteric code might have been fashionable 30 years ago—showing off all your sophisticated skills—but now code needs to be clear and efficient.

Since Max Kanat-Alexander, software…


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