UFT Integration with Jenkins

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CI-CD Pipeline implementation of the Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment software is the backbone of the modern DevOps environment. Most of the organization using DevOps practices and using Jenkins. Jenkins is a open source CI tool which can be used to execute the UFT tests. Jenkins is a Continuous Integration tool which does this verification periodically or whenever the developer pushes the code to the repository.

Jenkins can act like this task scheduler which can pull the source code from your source code manager & do a specific task on it. Like compiling the source code, executing the scripts etc. Once the task is done, Jenkins can also archive the results, sending out an email to the team members. Jenkins is a web based application.

UFT tests can be executed by Jenkins in two ways :

  1. By Using Jenkins plugin – Execute HP tests from file system
  2. By using AOM(Automation Object Model) script.

How it works

  • Automation engineers push their changes to the…


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