Unicorn Developers With Filip Hraček

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In this episode of Semaphore Uncut we welcome Filip Hráček, developer relations engineer at Google, and talk about what’s great about Flutter, how to out as a developer, and the importance of keeping your motivation up.

🎧 Key takeaways:

  • The art of finishing projects
  • The pros and cons of tinkering with side projects
  • How to keep motivation up and keep learning
  • What are unicorn developers?

Listen to our entire conversation above, and check out my favorite parts in the episode highlights!

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Edited Transcript

Darko (00:02): Hello, and welcome to Semaphore, a podcast for developers about building great products. Today I’m excited to welcome Filip Hraček, Phillip, thank you much for joining us.

Filip (00:11): Thank…


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