VMware’s new Tanzu platform aims to unify Kubernetes development

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VMware has announced the beta release of the new Tanzu Application Platform (TAP) to help enterprise developers build and run cloud-native applications on Kubernetes through a unified control plane.

This opinionated developer platform aims to bring together templated starting points, consistent deployment processes, automated security, and out-of-the-box observability to help developers modernize their application portfolios on a common Kubernetes foundation.

“Building and operating Kubernetes platforms at scale from open source components is a challenging task,” Jeffrey Hammond, a principal analyst at Forrester, told InfoWorld. “And even when it comes to consuming Kubernetes services provided by cloud solutions providers, the cognitive load on developers is pretty high. The ones I talk to would like to spend less time mucking around with YAML and more time writing code that solve business problems. Reducing the amount of configuration and…


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