What Is a Container Pipeline?

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Containerization has revolutionized the way applications are developed and deployed, leading to isolated, dependency-managed, and immutable software applications that can be deployed anywhere. All these advances coupled with reduced resource footprint helps to minimize operational expenditure and management overhead.

In this rapidly evolving technology landscape, software developments need to move at a breakneck speed in order to:

  • Meet end-user demands
  • Differentiate market conditions

That’s why organizations have started to rely on more and more automated software development lifecycles (SDLCs): to cope with this rapid development pace with enough agility to deal with unexpected issues.

The most important aspect of a good SDLC? A delivery pipeline that covers everything—development, testing, deployment,  and maintenance—under a single overarching process. In this article, we will see how combining containers and automated delivery pipelines can help create container…


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