What Is DevOps? A Comprehensive Introduction

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DevOps is a trending topic that’s popular for increasing company productivity, no matter your industry. Every day more companies work to bring this disruptive model to their organizations.

DevOps has one primary goal to achieve: continuous integration to continuous delivery.

In doing so, the development and operations processes become faster and more resource friendly. Companies can save money while producing more high-quality software products for customer consumption or internal use.

In this introductory article, we’ll explain the basic concepts of DevOps, including how we got here, best practices, key topologies, and the most common benefits of a DevOps environment.

(This article is part of our DevOps Guide. Use the right-hand menu to go deeper into individual practices and concepts.)

What is DevOps?

Traditionally in the IT industry, employees belonged to the development or ‘dev’ team. A separate team known as IT operations or ‘Ops’ worked to support IT.

Dev and…


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