What Is Pub/Sub? Publish/Subscribe Messaging Explained

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Known as pub/sub, Publish/Subscribe messaging is an asynchronous service-to-service communication method used in serverless and microservices architectures. Basically, the Pub/Sub model involves:

  • A publisher who sends a message
  • A subscriber who receives the message via a message broker

In this article, we’ll see how pub/sub works, look at pros, cons, and use cases, and share a tutorial for setting up simple pub/sub messaging.

Basics of pub/sub messaging

With the popularity of decoupled and microservices-based applications, proper communication between components and services is crucial for overall application functionality. Pub/Sub messaging helps with this in two crucial ways:

  • Allowing developers to create decoupled applications easily with a reliable communication method
  • Enabling users to create event-driven architectures easily

Basics Of Pub Or Sub Messaging

A pub/sub model allows messages to be broadcasted asynchronously across multiple sections of the applications.

The core component that facilitates…


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