What’s new in JMeter 5.4 Release

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Apache has released its next iteration of JMeter version which is 5.4.On the 4th of December 2020, the Apache JMeter™ team releases it.This blog provides information about this new version.You can check for JMeter 5.3 release from my artical.

Download Apache JMeter 5.4

Navigate to https://jmeter.apache.org and click on the relevant package file as shown below.

HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder

HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder underwent major changes with improvements as shown below. You can use the format string and suffix while recording. Also, you can toggle the GraphQL detection while recording.

Test Script Recorder in JMeter 5.4

Backend Listener: InfluxDBRawBackendListenerClient

In addition to the previously available GraphiteBackendListenerClient and InfluxdbBackendListenerClient, a new implementation option is now available in the Backend Listener.

This listener allows storage of “raw”, i.e. non-aggregated, metrics. Now you have individual results for each sampler. These include…


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