Why DevOps for Android Edge Devices

1 Year Subscription

The unprecedented events of the past year have accelerated an existing shift toward mobile-first customer behavior and a subscription-based economy. Android mobile devices are more than standalone products in the age of recurring revenue. In today’s world, Android devices are a vehicle for organizations to deliver a continuous stream of subscriber value across use cases such as smart fitness, preventive health, home automation, and more.

Consumers are driving a demand surge in subscription-based services. Since 2012, subscription services have grown 437%. A recent Zuora study found nearly two-thirds of customers choose subscriptions to feel “connected” to brands in the socially-distanced age of self-service. A feeling of authentic connection matters most to customers, even more than subscription benefits of cost savings or convenience. 

So why should you care? In order to stay competitive in a subscription-driven environment, enterprises need to innovate on their…


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