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A Deep Dive Into Bootstrap Display and Visibility [Bootstrap Tutorial: Part III]

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December 01, 2023

Today, web development and design, in general, is comparable to putting together a puzzle that fits on screens of various sizes and devices. As users access websites on a multitude of devices, such as phones, tablets, and laptops, the need for dynamic, responsive web layouts has become not just a trend but a necessity.

However, web designers and developers face the intricate challenge of accommodating everything from pocket-sized smartphones to expansive desktop screens. From the smallest smartphones like the Unihertz Jelly Pro and Soyes S7 with 2.45 inches and 2.5 inches of screen size to the largest display monitor and video screen, the curved Samsung Odyssey Ark and Venetian Resort sphere, with respective sizes of 55 inches and 6192 inches.

Odyssey Ark and Venetian Resort Sphere

Odyssey Ark and Venetian Resort Sphere

As the demand for responsive and accessible web layouts continues to rise, web developers and designers must leverage the power of Bootstrap display and visibility properties to create experiences…

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