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KubeCon 2023: Developer Productivity and Platform Engineering

In General
December 01, 2023

Mitch Ashley: Hey everybody. Welcome back to KubeCon here in Chi-Town, Chicago, 2023. I am joined by Venkat Ramakrishnan. Welcome. With Pure Storage, right?

Venkat Ramakrishnan: Yes.

Mitch Ashley: Great. And you are in charge of product and engineering?

Venkat Ramakrishnan: Yes. Yeah.

Mitch Ashley: Cool. So you want to talk about something I want to talk about, and that’s platform engineering.

Venkat Ramakrishnan: Yeah.

Mitch Ashley: We’ve done some work in this area. And in my mind I think the timing for platform engineering is perfect because the focus on developer productivity and reorienting… DevOps is just about everybody else helping developers do their job. It seems like platform engineering has really been good at adapting in ways that organizations need that function in their company.

Venkat Ramakrishnan: Yeah, absolutely. If you look at most of the modern enterprises, one of the most precious resources they have as a developer, they want to make sure the developer…

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