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Welcome to our first Giveaway!

This Giveaway is our way to say Thank you to all our passionate and open-minded DevOps subscribers, followers, and supporters. 

Our Giveaway prize is a new hardcopy copy of a top-ranking DevOps book mail to your home. You will win this stunning hardcopy DevOps book and free shipping if you are selected as a winner. 

This book was carefully selected for our first GiveAway for many reasons.

This book is an essential tool to learning DevOps concepts and process. When I was learning DevOps for the first time, I had a lot of questions. Look in the most common places to find answers, such as the internet and books. Read a lot of articles, internet posts, and multiple books, yet I still had many questions on how to implement DevOps in my existing project. A lot of the descriptions and information applied to projects that were small or starting up. At least, that was the information available at the time I was initially learning DevOps. I even became an AWS DevOps Certified Engineer. Yet, I couldn’t implement 100% of the AWS DevOps Solutions to my project because my project back then was not deployed in the Cloud, so using AWS the Solutions was not entirely feasible. So, although I was getting better at understanding the DevOps concepts, I still had many questions about understanding how those solutions applied to large, mature projects and how the tools and ideas applied to disconnected environments that were already grown and complex. 

That is when I run into this DevOps book. This book focuses on Continuous Integration and Delivery. I believe that this is the most challenging part of DevOps implementation. Continuous Integration and Delivery is at the heart of Integration and Test. If it becomes the bottleneck, the System Integration and Test phase can break the entire DevOps process. Also, the System Integration and Test Phase usually includes a large amount of testing, even when developers change only a few lines. 

How this book compare to others I was reading at that time

I read this book, and I compare it to others that I read. Although I believe every book has something to offer, I have yet to regret reading a book because I always learn something. After reading this particular book, I was able to clarify many critical and essential questions that I had about DevOps concepts. Also, I was able to share my understanding of these concepts with my leads and co-workers. That led me to select this book for my DevOps CI/CD UCSD class, believing that it will make it easier for everyone to understand those concepts. 

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What you would not find in this book

Although this book perfectly illustrates DevOps purpose and concepts compared to many other books that I read, it focuses mainly on the ideas and not the implementation. But again, it is hard to implement a concept that you can’t fully understand. So, I thought this book serves its purpose exceptionally well. In my DevOps Class, I use this book to help students understand the concepts of DevOps. At the same time, we also have DevOps Labs designed, created, and implemented by me to learn HOW to implement those concepts and gain practical DevOps experience. 

So, if you are considering taking my DevOps Class, you would enjoy the extra benefit of not having to buy the book. 

As always, the early bird gets the worm!

And just so you know, early registration can now get $50.00 OFF from my class; this is another that I would like to say thank you during these times. 

Overall, highly recommend

In summary, I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to get a solid understanding of DevOps concepts without getting specific about the DevOps Tools to use. The DevOps industry has many tools available to implement DevOps, and the tool list keeps growing. Not to mention that the DevOps tools to use should be a separate task from the understanding of the concepts, given that each project is different and has different requirements. So having a strong separation between the DevOps Process and Concepts from the DevOps Tools is a healthy way to implement DevOps correctly. 

In case you want to buy in Amazon

So, here is it! The book name is: Continuous Delivery: Reliable Software Releases through Build, Test, and Deployment Automation (Addison-Wesley Signature Series (Fowler))

It is available on Amazon for $43.95.00. So the full value of this give away, including the free shipping, is $58.95.00!!

Thanks in advance for participating, and good luck to you all!

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